CODING – The Language of the Future

Let’s plan for tomorrow: guys, it’s time for Coding

This article was published on January 30, 2019 in the second most read Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. It is a survey on the importance of learning  programming – ‘not to fall behind’.
The article defines coding as ‘the art of giving instructions to computers and smartphones’ and focuses on the following points:

  1. What ‘coding’ means
  2. Why ‘coding’ is important
  3. What a code is
  4. Why kids must be taught ‘coding’
  5. From ‘coding’ to ‘method’
  6. Programming software most suitable for kids

The survey stresses the fact that Italy ranks only 25th (out of 28 nations) as far as “digital economy and society” are concerned.

However, there is space for some good news: according to, Italy is presently top of the rank for numbers of events (30,326) linked to coding per capita, achieving second place after the USA if the total number of events is considered. What’s more, Italy is again second place after the USA for number of events organised in schools (18,508).

Here find the scheme of the figures as presented in the article:

Digital Italy in EuropeItaly and Coding
25th out of 28 in digitization of economy and society30.326 events linked to Coding per capita
1,3% percentage of graduates in STEM (in relation to people aged 20 to 29)2nd place for total number of events – after the USA
18th out of 28 for digital public services18,508 events organised in schools – second place after the USA
44% Italians with basic digital skills (25th out of 28)40% The hour of Coding: it is an initiative organised by the Ministry of Education for training courses about programming for students and teachers: the target is having 40% of primary schools involved
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