The interest in Coding and Programming that Italian Ministry of Education wishes to boost more is tangible in the many publications that are now easily found at newsagents’ or kiosks for reasonable prices. These publications target primary schoolchildren as it is visible from their covers, usually rich in captivating images, levereging games to appeal to young kids.

Luca Fraioli – editor-in-chief of RLab Repubblica (Repubblica is a daily newspaper which has lately ‘embraced’ this surge of curiosity on the part of young pupils and has supported the publication of a series of booklets on the subject) – introduces GAMES ROOM with these words: ‘Wouldn’t you like to give instructions to computers and smartphones to create videogames or cartoons of your invention? Coding is exactly this: a code with which you can program PC and cell phones. In a digital society using coding is like knowing a foreign language: it opens up new possibilities of knowledge and fun.’

Editorial director of Le Scienze Marco Catteneo claims that ‘at this point we all get to do with Technology … Only few, though, are able to exploit their devices as best they can. Which means using a simple programming language to create algorithms with which to solve problems.’

Learning to dominate Information Technologies could help deal with the future with better instruments.


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