Art of programming

The demand for skilled IT specialists is growing not only locally in Latvia but also in many other European countries. In order to encourage more youngsters to study and work in this field, it is necessary to provide in-depth knowledge of IT field, especially programming for both students and teachers of IT subjects. Not all schools are offering students to learn programming within their formal curriculum, therefore it is very important to provide possibilities for children and youngsters to learn it outside classroom. With this goal in mind a social education project has been created in Latvia – Start(it) aims at developing digital skills of school students and teachers by providing informative materials in the form of video lectures, seminars and full learning programmes online ( In this online platform students and teachers can learn the basis of programming and the Virtual Reality concept, they can learn how to create a web page, how to design a mobile application and other interesting and useful information. Start(it) is a good example that shows how the public sector and private businesses can successfully collaborate and create initiatives that will contribute to more skilled and educated youth.

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