A Recommended Reading: “Girls Who Code. Learn to Code and Change the World” by Reshma Saujani

The Italian translation of the handbook written by the American lawyer and policitian of Indian origin Reshma Saujani has been availabe since March 2018. It is an important step towards bridging the gender gap that characterizes Computer Science professions.
As the founder of the namesake “Girls Who Code” organization puts it, ‘no advanced country can accept that women are deprived of the necessary skills to enter the world of hi-tech and robotics.’
Also the International Telecommunication Union has raised alert over a global increase in the digital gender gap, both in the use of technology and in the professions involved.
According to a survey made by NetConsulting Cube on 60 Italian companies, in 70% of these companies wowen covering technical-scientific positions count up to less than 25%.
To change figures like these Ms Saujani founded “Girls Who Code” in 2012 and started organising extracurricular courses for girls in American schools.


“I don’t know how to code, but this book has inspired me to learn. I recommend this read to all the girls so that they can have in their hands the power to change the world through technology”Malala Yousfzai, Nobel Prize for Peace

Simple language coupled with a very accurate and exhaustive approach, this handbook introduces to the principles of coding, which are getting more and more central with today’s kids, also thanks to educational syllabi supported by the Ministry of Education.
It is more than a simple handbook: it has biographies of women who made the history of Informatics, interviews with and contributions by pioneer women of this sector.
Coding can help you do what you like doing and realise your dreams. You will learn to create your apps, games, robot and all that can be needed to change the world for the better!

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