Around 90% of jobs nowadays require at least basic ICT skills, and by 2020, according to many research, Europe will see a shortage of 800,000 professionals with IT skills. 15 EU countries have already integrated computer programming into their school curricula. This creates a great challenge for teachers, as most of them are not skilled or trained in programming.

CodeIT project concentrates on programming competence of teachers of non-IT subjects. The aim of the project is to help teachers enhance their professional development by raising programming competences through the development of innovative resources. Primary target group are non-IT teachers from elementary schools (grades 4 and higher) and gymnasiums with special attention to teachers of Chemistry, Geography, Math and Physics. Secondary target group is students above mentioned schools.

This aim will be achieved through creation of innovative results:

  • Virtual Learning Environment for Teachers containing training materials in algorithmic and programming and its didactic in other than IT subjects,
  • Model lesson plans incorporating programming for Chemistry, Geography, Maths and Physics,
  • Handbook entitled “Advance your teaching skills with the use of algorithmic and programming”.